Here are our champion terriers in the UK and abroad

Kebulak Champions:

Please enquire if you are interested in buying one of our champions as they may be available for suitable show homes abroad.

2017 Ch Kebulak She's A Peach, Lakeland Terrier (owner, breeder)

2017 Ch/Multi Ch Cunning's Thundering Trickster, Welsh Terrier (co-owner)

2016 Ch Kebulak Fallen Angel, Welsh Terrier (co-owner)

2016 Ch Kebulak Miss Sixty, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder, co-handler)

2016 Ch Kebulak Queen of Hearts, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder, handler)

2016 Ch Kebulak Table Dancer, Kerry Blue Terrier (owner, breeder, handler)

2016 Ch The Number of the Beast Van Foliny Home at Kebulak, Lakeland terrier (owner)

2016 Aust Ch Kebulak Unzipped, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2015 Ch Kebulak Lady Killer, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder, owner)

2015 Ch/It Ch Kebulak Trickery, Lakeland Terrier  (breeder, owner)

2015 Ch Kebulak Femme Fatale, Welsh Terrier (breeder, owner)

2015 Ch Kebulak Bare All, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder, co-owner, handler)

2014 Can Ch Kebulak Midnight in Moscow, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2014 Ch Kebulak Smoke and Mirrors, Lakeland Terrier (breeder)

2014 Fr Ch Kebulak Seductress, Welsh Terrier (breeder)

2014 Ch Kebulak Rockin Robin, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2014 Ir Ch Kebulak Filthy Love, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2014 Aust Ch Kebulak Kiss Chase, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2013 Ir Ch Kebulak Sixty Minute Man, Lakeland Terrier (breeder)

2013 Ch/Ir/Lux/Be/Int/Am Ch Kebulak Kiss This, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder/co owner/ co handler)

2013 Ir Ch Kebulak Lady Madonna, Lakeland Terrier (breeder)

2013 Ch/Ir Ch Kebulak Trigger Happy, Welsh Terrier (breeder/owner), 

2013 Ch Kebulak Striptease, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder/owner/handler)

2013 SA Ch Kebulak Filthy Angel, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2013 Dutch Ch Kebulak Killer Heels, Lakeland Terrier (breeder/co-owner)

2012 Sw Ch Kebulak Born to Rock, Kerry Blue terrier (breeder)

2012 Ch/NZ Ch Kebulak Man After Midnight, Lakeland Terrier (breeder/owner)

2012 Ch/ Ir/ Am/ Aust Grand Ch/ INT Ch Kebulak Dirty Harry, Jnr Ch, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder/co-owner)

2012 Ch/Aust Grand Ch Agent Provocateur, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder/owner/handler)

2012 Ch/Am Grand Ch Kebulak Born To Tease, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder/owner/handler)

2012 Ir Ch Kebulak Lady Marmalade, Jnr Ch, Lakeland Terrier (breeder)

2012 Bel Ch Granemore Maximillian at Kebulak, Jnr Ch, Kerry Blue Terrier (owner/handler)

2012 Bel Ch Kebulak Wheels On Fire.  Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder/owner)

2011 Ch Kenmileven First Class for Kamaghan.  Kerry Blue Terrier (co-owner)

2011 Ir Ch Perrisblu Casanova at Kebulak.  Welsh Terrier

2011 Greek Ch Kebulak Rocknrolla.  Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2011 Ir Ch Kebulak Bad Moon Rising. Lakeland Terrier (breeder/owner)

2011 Ir/Int/Bel Ch Kebulak Swing On A Star. Lakeland terrier (breeder/owner) Bel Ch title gained '11.

2011 Ir Ch Kebulak Guns N'Roses, Jnr Ch.  Lakeland terrier (breeder)

2011 Ir Ch Kebulak Guns A'Blazing, Jnr Ch.  Lakeland terrier (breeder)

2011 Bel Ch Edbrios Vanity Fair at Kebulak. Kerry Blue Terrier (owner/handler)

2010 Ch/Int Ch/Bel Ch/Lux Ch Kebulak Willie Nelson, Kerrry Blue Terrier (owner/breeder/handler). Lux/Int/Bel Ch titles gained '11.

2010 Ch/Swe/Dan/Nor/Nord Ch Merrymac Efficient Dynamics, Irish Terrier (co-owner/handler)

2010 Ir/Lux/Int Ch Ch Gosel Simply The Man at Kebulak, Lakeland Terrier (owner/handler). Lux & Int Ch titles gained '11.

2010 Ir/Int/Israel Ch Nujax Under The Influence at Kebulak. Lakeland Terrier (owner/handler)

2010 Int/Jsy Ch Arkama Rockafella at Kebulak (co-breeder). Jsy Ch title gained '11.

2010 Ir Ch Saredon Lady Bug at Kebulak, Welsh Terrier (owner/handler)

2010 Ch/Ir/Multi/Int Ch Dandy Black & Blue Rokoko, Kerry Blue Terrier (co-owner/handler)

2009 Ch/Jersey Champion Naughty but Nice at Kopykats (owner)

2009 Ch Arkama Pinball Wizard at Philwyre, Kerry Blue Terrier (handler/breeder/co-owner)

2009 Ch Kamaghan Mighty Aphrodite, Kerry Blue Terrier (owner)

2009 It Champion Arkama Proper Little Madam, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2008 Ch Saredon Unreachable Star , Lakeland Terrier (owner and handler)

2008 Ch/It Ch Arkama True Grit, Kerry Blue Terrier (co breeder)

2007 Ch Arkama Penelope Pitstop, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder, owner and handler) Top Kerry 2007

2007 Ch/Ir Ch Edbrios Bohemian Ivanhoe, Kerry Blue Terrier (owner)

2006 Ch/Am Ch Brislines West Coast Offence, Airedale Terrier (co-owner)

2005 Ch Stanstead La Deva , Kerry Blue Terrier (handler and co-owner) Top Bitch 2005

2004 Ch Arkama Flashdance, Kerry Blue Terrier (owner and handler) Top Kerry 2004

2004 Ch Kamaghan Hotstuff at Arkama, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder and owner)

2003 Jap Ch Arkama Some Like it Hot, Kerry Blue Terrier (breeder)

2003 Ch Kamaghan Mr Ballistic, Kerry Blue Terrier (co-breeder)

2002 Ch Arkama Bombshell at Kamaghan, Kerry Blue Terrier (owner and handler) Top Bitch 2002

2002 Ch/It Ch Kamaghan Mr Bombastic, Kerry Blue Terrier (co-breeder) Top Terrier Italy 2002

1998 Ch Kamaghan Fancy Nancy, Kerry Blue Terrier (handler and co-owner)

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