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Founded in June 2004, Maanshan Haitian heavy industry technology development Co., Ltd. is located in Maanshan City, Anhui Province, a beautiful poetry city and steel city known as "nine mountains and one lake, cuiluo out of the river". It is a demonstration area for undertaking industrial transfer in Wanjiang City belt. It is located in Xinshi Industrial Park, Bowang District, Maanshan city.....[MORE]

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克拉约瓦VS雅西直播克拉约瓦VS雅西直播Product variety

The company has complete products, producing mixer accessories, pump truck accessories, mining machinery accessories, sand making machine accessories, Paver accessories, etc. for Zoomlion, shigaoma and other enterprises;

克拉约瓦VS雅西直播克拉约瓦VS雅西直播Long service life

Strictly control the material composition and eliminate "lack of weight"; 100% of each furnace is tested, and the furnace can be discharged only after passing the test;

After years of heat treatment experience accumulation and big data analysis, the hardenability is strong and uniform, all indexes are stable without abnormal fluctuation, and the qualified rate reaches 98.6%;

克拉约瓦VS雅西直播克拉约瓦VS雅西直播High assembly accuracy

The company independently designs and develops molds, quotes scanners imported from the United States and domestic advanced engraving machines for 3D drawing and mold engraving, and shortens the delivery time (10-15 days shorter than that in the same industry);

克拉约瓦VS雅西直播克拉约瓦VS雅西直播Timely supply

Sufficient reserves, standing stock up to 3000 tons, and supply within 24 hours after receiving the order;

Timely supply, nationwide coverage of logistics network, rapid deployment and joint delivery of multiple lines.




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